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Accelerating donations for NFPs

COVID-19 has rapidly increased demand for charitable services yet donations are falling.

This can be seen in recent stats:

  • 68% of charities have experienced decline during COVID-19 (source)

  • 25% of charities did not receive any donations in 2020 (source)

Recognizing that non-for-profits could greatly benefit from the customer experience best practices of fortune 500 companies, Three in partnership with Real Path developed Bestow.

Bestow is a six-week program that helps non-for-profit organizations better understand their donors and develop initiatives that increase their giving.

What does Bestow do?

  • Maps your donor’s experience from first contact to ongoing donation.

  • Removes barriers to donating, before the opportunity is lost.

  • Unearths donor insights to maximize fundraising efforts.

  • Develops roadmaps that help you put programs into action quickly.

When should you use Bestow?

  • Donor giving is flat or declining and you’re unsure why.

  • Infield programs aren’t driving donations and need to be reimagined.

  • Digitization isn’t delivering expected results.

  • Sponsorship, Philanthropy and Marketing require a unified strategy.


1. Learn

Validate assumptions and uncover donor insights.

2. Map

Create detailed journey maps of the donors path to giving.

3. Design

Concept and design solutions that improve donations.

4. Implement

Put programs into action.


  • Better understand your donors.

  • Increase donations.

  • Improve loyalty.

  • Focus marketing initiatives.

  • Unify your organization.

Contact us to learn more about how Bestow can help your NFP.


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