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Resources for wellness

As the pandemic progresses, prioritizing our mental, physical and emotional well being is critical.

To help, we’ve started a list of resources aimed at creating space for self-reflection and personal development.

Mental & Physical

Google Developing a healthy relationship with technology

Better use technology to improve life, not distract from it (link)

Sam Harris Discover your mind

Achieve a more balanced and fulfilling mindset through meditation (link)

Self-authoring suite Explore your past, present and future

Become more productive, happier and less stressed (link)

James Clear

Form good habits and break bad ones

Stack positive changes and get 1% better every day (link)

Get sleepy podcast Improve sleep through meditation and story

Nod off with relaxation techniques and bedtime stories (link)

Tedx Optimize your nutrition

Better understand the relationship between diet, mood and performance (link)

The New York Times Really, really short workouts

A variety of high intensity exercises for the time starved (link)

Medium Embracing minimalism as the new normal Letting go of things and mind patterns that no longer serve us (link)

Work & Productivity

The New York Times 7 steps to creating an ergonomic workstation

Reduce pain and injury as we continue working from home (link)

Forbes How to work at home more productively

Maintain and accelerating performance in the new norm (link)

Gartner Leading better virtual meetings

Better maximize screen time with colleagues (link)

Well + Good

Mastering the virtual walking meeting

Reduce zoom fatigue, break routine and get physical (link)

We Work Remotely Maintaining mental health while working from home

Tips to maintain focus and a positive attitude (link)

Todoist The Pomodoro Technique

Increase focus, reduce distraction and better structure the workday (link)

The Enterprise Project 6 new remote work habits to develop in 2021

Skills to work better from anywhere (link)

CNBC Productivity apps to improve WFH performance

Tools to boost connectivity, collaboration and creativity (link)

Creative Diversions

Google Arts & Culture Which 20th century art movement are you?

Take this interactive test to see which style of art suits you best (link)

Active Melody Learn to play guitar

Original weekly lessons that teach you to play, not memorize (link)

Bake with Jack Bake amazing bread

The practical knowledge you need to make great bread at home (link)

Explore Sideways Virtual travel escapes

Satisfy your travel bug with experiences curated from around the web (link)

Introspective Magazine Reimagining iconic rooms

Fresh spins on spaces that date from 80 B.C. to the 20th century (link)

Google Arts & Culture Colour

Explore art history through colour (link)

Masterclass Improve your chess

Learn the strategies that made Gary Kasparov a six-time world champion (link)

Popular Mechanic How to make beer at home

Learn the basic process of starting your own at home DIY brewery (link)

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